Secure WordPress Site, When WordPress Security Matters the Most [Guide]

WordPress is CMS (content management system) that allows you to easily create person blog to professional business websites along with the shopping stores,  WordPress success of easily management makes wordpress more famous and user friendly for most of the web developers and bloggers, but wordpress security is most important if you want to launch WordPress site.

There are too many customization capabilities, with themes and plugins make it perfect CMS (content management system) for everyone, you can adopt any design, your desired custom theme, furthermore you can easily create your own theme from HTML, Pakwebstuff also provide such facility to convert html to wordpress theme.

With Plugins you can add functionalities, like if you want to lauch a wordpress site with courses you can add WordPress learning management plugin, and like that you can browse 1000’s of plugins from wordpress repository. If you have any issue you can discuss the matter with wordpress community support.

Site Security matters for All:

When you use wordpress you need to consider that your wordpress site is fully secure and you have no backdoor in your site. Here are some tips to secure your wordpress.

  1. Dont use Nulled plugins
  2. Dont use Nulled themes
  3. Use Security plugin
  4. Scan WordPress site regularly
  5. Use Secure hosting
  6. Regular Scanning of files with anti virus
  7. Hide WP-admin



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