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Wordpress Installation Guide for Free


Install WordPress on Localhost using XAMPP

WordPress is One of the only cms having more than 70% websites worldwide, With WordPress, you can easily manage any website. In this Guide, I’ll show how you can Install WordPress on Localhost with XAMPP.

This tutorial is for WordPress Developers and testers, If you want to check your designed WordPress Themes, plugins or custom hooks in WordPress then Install on your localhost and Manage your WordPress Easily.

Prerequisite installation of wordpress on localhost:

This is a list which is needed for installation of WordPress on Localhost

XAMPP / Apache + MYSQL installed on your local server

Mysql database

Latest Copy of WordPress (Download here)

Notepadd++ (For better file editing)

What is XAMPP:

XAMPP is an apache distribution which helps you to easily manage MySQL, PHP, and Perl on your local machine.

For example, if you want to Test any PHP powered website on your local computer then XAMPP will help you to install and manage websites with MySQL databases.

How to Install & Setup XAMMP as Localhost Guide here

Step 1: Download WordPress latest version

Download Latest version of WordPress from wordpress.org

Step 2: Unzip the files to HTDOCS folder

Now navigate to the XAMPP installation directory, mostly it is in


Unzip the files, and you’ll get a folder named “wordpress”

Step 3: Create Database with database user

Go to localhost/PHPMyAdmin

  • Click on databases
  • Create a new database

now remember your default database username is “root” without any password if you want to change the password you can change it here in


Step 4: Navigate to Localhost/Wordpress

Now it is time to navigate to


This page will lead you to wordpress installation page, now you can choose your wordpress language and start installing wordpress on localhost.

Step 5: Enter Database details

On next page, you’ll be asked to enter your wordpress details,

  • In database host:: enter localhost
  • Database name:: the name of database you created
  • Database user::  root
  • database pass::  empty as you have not set any password for root user
  • prefix:: wp_

Click Submit

Step 6: Enter Site details

Now you’ll be landing on site details page, you have to add

Site title: choose any suitable title for your site

Username: for admin login

Password: for admin login

Email: for management

Note: Don’t check the option discourage search engines to see your site if it is on localhost you are free to do, but on the main server, if you do so, Google and other search engines won’t be able to see your content and your site will NOT be indexed.

Step 7: Done

Now you are done, you can login to your wordpress admin panel.


Irfan Korai Is Enterprenuer & CEO of Pakwebstuff Technoliguies, He has experties in Web Development, Custom web APP Development, WordPress Design, Bootstrap Design, Web Server Managment and SEO Servies.

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